SG3 Security was conceived and established because realize that not all customers were the same and that each client appreciated the time and effort we took to understand their requirements for a security system, access control system or C.C.T.V. system.

Through our many contacts in the industry we were able to select the best technicians and sales people that shared the same philosophy that I had which is “The Customer Comes First”.

No pressure sales!!! At SG3 Security the customer comes first! We don’t have flashy yellow-page ads and we do not have T.V. or radio ads, which someone (You the consumer) has to pay for. We simply pass these savings onto you the customer while still providing maximum security for your home or office. In return we ask that you refer us to your friends and other family members.

Lastly, I can assure you that our strengths within the security industry will surpass your expectations and the clients we service will be overwhelmed by the professionalism that SG3 Security has provided.

With a SG3 Security, CCTV system, Access Control System or a state of the art Security System fitted on your property, your chance of an intruder successfully burglarizing your house is virtually eliminated. When the intruder enters your property, our state-of-the-art alarms are tripped. This alerts the burglar, and any other people on the premises, to the presence of your activated system. It will also alert our local based in British Columbia monitoring station to the fact that the system has been triggered. Our monitoring station will call the property, to confirm the fact that a disturbance has occurred, and then alert the authorities if necessary. Our central monitoring station can also monitor a large number of properties, over a wide area. It will take roughly one minute for knowledge of the intrusion to be registered at our monitoring station.

Your new SG3 Security monitored system has many advantages over non-monitored systems. Help will be alerted when a protected door or window is broken. You can designate other numbers to be notified as well, in the event of a problem occurring while you are away.

We also install and activate one-touch police, fire or ambulance alert on your key pad as a feature of our security systems, in case you are inside when an intruder enters your property or other emergency services are required.

Our company offers an extended list of products and services for our clients. Our extensive list of services allows us to accommodate your specific needs. Complex or basic, we are able to furnish your home or business with a system which is suitable to your needs.

We service residential units and companies of all sizes. When it comes to security we stand by our products and services, offering our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success: